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Guide to Specialist Life Insurance

We are your specialist life insurance broker with a track record of obtaining impaired risk life insurance. There are many reasons why you need a life insurance specialist including:

This type of cover is called "impaired risk" due to a life insurance company viewing you as a higher risk to insure. As an example a Fire Safety Personel who's Occupation is to extinguish a fire, is a higher risk of needing Life Insurance than a Teacher.

Rather than running the risk of not having any cover at all, we will work with you to find a policy that gives you what you want.

Why do I need Specialist Life Insurance?

The insurance policies offered by today's Life Insurance Providers are designed to meet the majority of the population. However, you may be seen as "impaired risk" or require bespoke terms in your life insurance policy. This is where we come in, to provide advice and guidance to get the best policy to suit your bespoke requirements. In such circumstances, we discuss your specialist need with the underwriters to design a policy you can accept.

Have you been declined Life Insurance?

Just because of a decline with a previous broker or insurance provider, this does not mean you can not get life insurance. We have turned declines into acceptance, with the aim where that is not possible to create a bespoke policy for your circumstances.

Who are specialist life insurance providers?

We research the whole of the market to find the best policy for your circumstances, it's not one or two insurers we approach for specialist cases. Each insurer has there strong areas and weak areas, others just want vanilla life insurance.

What is a "Policy with Exclusions"?

If regular life insurance cover options are not available, even with loaded premium. An insurer can offer a "policy with exclusions".

This means excluding the pre-existing condition from life insurance. If you were to die from this condition in the future then the insurance won't pay out. It would if you died of a different condition.

Guide to Life Insurance for pre-existing conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition it can be difficult to obtain insurance. Fewer insurers will offer you insurance, depending on the severity of the condition, driving up premiums.

We have options to obtain life insurance quotes including:

... read more on Guide to Life Insurance for pre-existing conditions

Can you get over 50's Life Insurance?

Yes! We offer Life Insurance for over 50's and 60's. We can not compare life insurance for seniors online. You are best advised to give us a call on 08009202001 to discuss which life insurance is best for seniors.

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